The Teachers Register Guide to Uploading Your Documents

By no means the most interesting topic to write about, but it certainly is the most important?for us anyway. In order for Teachers Register to hit the ground running, and take over the recruitment process within schools and securing all contracting teachers across the United Kingdom enjoyable, easy and fast work all at the touch of a button?WE need YOU to provide us with all the relevant documentation in order to provide the best possible service to schools.The famous five are:

In at #1? Everybody?s favourite ? THE DBS. Disclosure and Barring Service (or its stage name ?DBS) is a check and legal requirement for any of our teachers at Teachers Register to have to work within educational institutions. Your DBS will need to valid for within the year. To avoid paying the substantial cost of renewing your DBS yearly (yawn), Teachers Register recommends signing up to the yearly subscription costs of the Update Service. It is important that you still keep your certificate safe for further reference. Teachers Register will need to have a copy of your full certificate on our system, regardless of whether you are registered to the Update Service or not.

Making its way in at #2? Passport. Not because we want to see your mug shot, but because it?s a vital part of safeguarding. First of all, It is great for schools because they know who to expect ahead of your arrival, but also, it informs Teachers Register if you need a VISA to work in the UK. Oh, and if for some reason you don?t have a passport then we can accept a birth certificate and a document that shows their national insurance number. We?re cool like that.

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